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  1. I have a line on a 2002 Corolla factory radio (single DIN) that I would like to install in our 1997 Paseo. From what I can find out, there is one aftermarket stereo Toyota wiring harness from the late 80’s up. It would seem to reason that this should be a plug and play. Can anyone out there confirm or advise on this?
  2. UPDATE I received a reply from my online inquiry to Toyota regarding Paseo convertible production. They also said that Toyota didn’t break down the coupe / convertible split, but that according to their records, there were about 2700 total 1997 Paseos sold in the US. If there are any other Paseo convertible owners out there, let me know where you are located. I would guess the majority of the convertibles would have been sold in California or Florida.
  3. I tried to search this topic and found nothing; I apologize in advance if I missed a previous post. Does anyone out there know how many Paseo Convertibles were produced? I checked with the customer relations line at Toyota and was told that they had no hard numbers what the split was between the 1997 coupes and convertibles. The woman I talked to talked to someone else who though the number was about 1,000. That sounds low to me. A person on the Toronto Paseo website though the number was closer to 10,000 (that sounds more likely to me). Any help would be appreciated. Rick
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