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  1. Sorry, I never posted an update!! After installing a new relay...headlights turned on and off normally!
  2. I still have a 1996 Avalon XLS, purchased new, with about 161,000 miles on it. Absolutely, the best car I have ever owned! My Avalon is also Pearl White with beige leather interior. Though of selling it several times...but couldn't do it. Mark
  3. PattyK, I would try listing your Avalon on one of the following:, Autotrader, Edmunds, E-bay, Craigslist, or your local newspaper. has Eleven 1999 Avalons for sale now...from $700 to $5900! Mark
  4. Thank You! I agree with the ride like a ‘78 Caddy and better mileage!
  5. I have a 1996 Avalon XLS, [owned since new]...this morning I was unable to turn the healights off. When I pulled the Headlight Relay [P/N 90987-020006] the headlights went off. Do you think the Headlight Relay is the problem...or another issue...i.e., headlight switch signalling the relay to stay closed? Note: when I turn the headlight switch off...instrument lights, tail lights & parking lights all go off, only the headlights stay on. Thanks for your help!