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  1. We owned 2000 Avalon since new. Has 254,000 KM on odometer. Would be interesting to know............who has the Avalon with most mileage?
  2. Farmer

    Power Steering Problem

    This morning steering was terrible....... I personally drove straight to the dealership...... they took car for short test drive.......reported my problem is the knuckle joint at bottom of steering column........... joint is dry and needs replacing. Dealer said it is common problem. So on Wednesday dealer is replacing joint for $300 CDN This is exactly what happened back in 2006. At that time dealer said it is very unusual problem. Seems as these car age, this condition starts to show up. I asked that I get the old part back. I want to see if there is method of lubricating the bearings. Anyone have any experience with above situation?
  3. Farmer

    Power Steering Problem

    Hello Everyone As promised I would report back after taking car to dealer I sent my wife to Toyota dealer .......... of course there was no problem with the steering at the time and everything checked just fine........ only suggestion dealer gave was "it may have something to do with moisture, next time it happens bring it in directly so we can do inspection" Since then, I can tell it steering is not quite normal, although not near as bad as initial episode.
  4. Farmer

    Power Steering Problem

    Hi Everyone Tomorrow I have consult appointment with Toyota dealer ......... will be intersting to hear what he has to say. The hard steering problem seems to come and go on a day to day basis........... real puzzling I will keep you informed. Farmer
  5. Farmer

    Power Steering Problem

    Hi humanoid I suspect your getting close..........something is binding or could it be the pump itself Is steering rack R & R expensive job?
  6. Farmer

    Power Steering Problem

    Our Avalon has been great car since new.........250,000 KM later Suddenly steering is hard and sluggish.........oil reservoir is full........ no apparent leaks Any suggestions?