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  1. Thanks, Mark. I see other '99 Avalons daily in my driving around town. I'm amazed how many there are on the road. They have been a fine ride!
  2. We are looking to sell our Avalon XLS, which we bought in Jan, 2000. We've been putting off doing for 10 years, it's been that good to us. It's gone 283,500 miles, and we still drive it daily. Maintenance has been routine, as recommended and it's sporting new tires purchased at 279,000 miles. Any thoughts on where to post for best interest? OBTW, It's pearl white w/ beige leather , and we are non-smokers. Thanks!
  3. Original owners of a 1999 Avalon XLS sporting 284,000 miles, and driving it daily. Great car, have been putting off a new car for 10 years!😉