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  1. Does anybody know where I can get me one of them red Toyota Badges off the back.... :P :P :P
  2. I don't know if they are online, but there is a mob here in Australia based in Sydney that do the PowerFC, and I believe they have one for the 1ZZ (and certainly the 2ZZ). There is also the UniChip, but I am also unsure if they deal online or not. If you pop over to the TOCAU site, there are heaps of threads about the piggyback chips etc... TOCAU Cheers Aaron
  3. The other thing it could be is the alternator... thats the little motor looking thing that hangs off the side of the engine. Have aread of my post on the TOCAU My Australian TOC Thread I thought it was the battery, then have found out the alternator is dead. All accessories will turn on when the key is in the ignition (lights, radio, A/C etc) but when trying to start it over, you get a machine gun type sound... Good luck.. Cheers Aaron
  4. It was interesting to see, a couple of weeks ago, TOCAU here in Brisbane Australia had a Dyno Day. Most of the Corolla Sportivo's that we have here in Brisbane are modified to some point, where mine is still stock. I ran mine on the Dyno after running in the car like I was talking about in my earlier post, and I topped 112.5kw at the wheels (you'll have to excuse me, I am unsure as to what the bhp conversion is) Nod bad for a stock car where most modified versions were displaying between 110 - 118kw...
  5. Hey Guys I am from TOC Aus and can tell you, that it has been the best thing I ever did. We meet, chat and have a ball.. You guys should get right into this... I'll keep up with what you guys are you to when I can. We are actually having a Dyno Day/Meet this weekend. We should have plenty of pics and stuff for you all to look at when it's all done, but you'll have to visit TOCAU for that next week... :P au.toyotaownersclub.com Cheers Aaron
  6. The general theory here in Australia is that for about the first 1000 - 1500km, instill a variety of different driving styles. By this, suggestions have been to drive on 5th or 6th gear at about 60km/h, stretch 1st to 50km/h, reach lift a few times...you get the drift... Cheers Aaron
  7. This T-Sport Compressor looks awesome, but as Danthuyer said, there has been talk in Australia about it, but thats all there has been. I heard on the grapevine that we will never see it here... :(
  8. Hi Guys, I am new to TOCUS - I am from TOCAU (Australia)... I have an issue with my current Corolla (2004 Corolla Sportivo), and I notice it predominantly when either weather is cool (ie 10 - 20 degrees celcius) or the brakes are wet like when I have either parked outdoors in the rain or just washed the car... I find that by the time I get half way up the street from my house, about 1km, it goes away.... I also had the same problem with my 2000 Corolla Levin. Have never thought anything more of it. The noise usually goes away fairly quickly and the brakes have always worked... Cheers Aaron :)
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