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  1. Facebook marketplace is also a good place to sell used parts.
  2. If the fluid level is fine, try to bleed your brakes to remove the air in the system.
  3. Check the grounds and fuses. Also, try disconnecting the switch.
  4. I know the 07 year model had a special edition. Not sure about the 06.
  5. I think you will be fine though you might notice a drop in mileage.
  6. Consider an aftermarket muffler instead. There are lots of options like Flowmaster, Borla and Dynomax.
  7. Could be the sway bar link/bushing.
  8. Try go-powertrain. They have remanufactured Toyota cylinder heads.
  9. Other Avalon owners have the same question--- www.toyotanation.com/threads/how-big-is-the-gas-tank-really.1256778/
  10. What he said. Also, check the manual on how to use the other safety features.
  11. Go to your Toyota dealer so that they can check it.
  12. Is this for the hood or windows?
  13. No idea, but you can use a ScanGauge to display the speed of your car.
  14. If not in the glove box, the reset button is located under the steering wheel.
  15. To disable the DRL's, it involves cutting a wire under the steering column.
  16. Try to contact 4wheelonline also as they offer towing hitches. As for installation, most hitches are bolt-on, requiring no drilling/welding.
  17. I know most TRD wheels are a 6-lug, so it is better to check the bolt pattern. Another option for you is to buy aftermarket wheels. There are some nice looking rims like the Vision, american racing, fittipaldi and fuel vapor wheels.
  18. I think the max tongue weight is the 10-15% of the total towing capacity of your rig.
  19. Try to visit crutchfield to see the available head units for your truck.
  20. Try TYC. I know they offer rear bumper reflectors.
  21. Love the color. Any plans of modifying it?
  22. If you are planning to get coilovers, D2Racing is a good choice.
  23. Installing an aftermarket CAI should not affect the CAI and produce a code unless you have an air leak somewhere.
  24. Try to contact Crutchfield. They offer car audio systems.
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