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  1. I’d like to replace the black SE stock wheels on a 19 Highlander with stock TRD wheels. Has anyone at all tried this? Where to find? What location or link for info? Dealers won’t help and I can’t find anything online where folks have done this. Will Camry/Avalon TRD wheels fit? Also looking for a TRD muffler and tip for same 19 Highlander.
  2. Me too. I’ve asked service/parts at dealer and no suggestions. Not sure if Camry or Tacoma tips would work. Need to measure the outlet from muffler and consider the angle too. I’m wanting a TRD muffler too maybe. Also TRD wheels. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Third rows lay almost flat, just a bit off level in my ‘19. The ECO light lets you know you’re not driving like you stole it. It stays on when driving conservatively. I don’t have apple csr play on mine so can’t answer that.
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