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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I have a problem where my brake lights stay illuminated brightly (both sides in the rear and the third brake light in the rear window) whenever my automatic headlights come on at night. So whenever I drive at night, my brake lights are always on, not just the dim running tail lights. I did some testing and found out that if I press the brake pedal before my headlights turn on, it also illuminates my front corner lights but not my actual headlight bulbs. I assume that there is a relay or circuit board somewhere that controls the headlights and brake lights, which probably got fried when I got LED replacement tail light bulbs a month or two ago. I checked the wiring going to my lights in the trunk area, and I can't find any bare wires that might be shorting out or crossing. I had all my interior trim pieces off a while ago, and the wiring loom seemed in good condition from the dashboard area all the back to the trunk. Does anyone know what might be causing this, or know where I can check around to find a brake light controller circuit board that I can inspect for burns or corrosion? Thanks!
  2. I am thinking about buying a dash cam for Insurance scammers etc. I'd like a duel front rear, but I'm worried the installer may not do a great job and mess up the electrical system. I may just get front only and plug it in when driving, but I'd lose out on parking lot security. Anyone have info on places like Best Buy for Installation? I have a brand new 2020 Rav4 Hybrid and dont want to mess anything up!
  3. Toyota Manuals... Lots of them. 3 Tundra Boxes full. Contact me with any you may be looking for. I will start to list them individually as time permits. All seem to be in like new condition. Seems they run from 1985 to 2000, with just about every model. Manuals are located in Canada, so you get to buy in Canadian Dollars. Just give me a bit of time to get them sorted out of the boxes. Send your want list & I'll see what I have & we can then go from there with cost, shipping etc. Meanwhile keep the dirty side down & have fun
  4. Greetings everyone. This would be my first post here, as I am new to this site, and to Toyota in general. I got my first 2018 Platinum Sequoia (4x4) in October. I was happy and excited about all the new safety features and creature comfort it provides on the new model. Well, my excitement was short lived. 3rd day of ownership, the issues started. Mostly sensors: blind spot monitor, rear cross traffic, collision prevention, etc.... lights up like a Christmas tree, and invited me to visit the dealer. Almost 3 weeks later, some of the sensors were changed by the dealer, 3 visits already, and not even 500 miles, the issue is still there. What is the worst? They can't fix it... well, not permanently. I am getting home and the next morning the issue is up again. Some times it disappear when I restart the engine, some times, it doesn't. Long story short: 5 more visits, still not fixed. Toyota sent their tech and that did not solved it either. Is now a buyback under the lemon law, and they did replaced with a new one. That would have made me happy....only that the new vehicle has the same issue at 20 miles (!!!!) 3 months later, a 2nd identical vehicle, new with the same issues... this is not an accident anymore - I think that Toyota has a bigger issue on their hands right now as I see other people having the same issue on Platinum 2018 models ... For me, this is the first, and probably the last Toyota - at this time I don't put too much trust in Toyota's abilities to fix it in time, or at all....
  5. Picked up this Avalon a few years ago. First year was glorious. Second year people started complaining of a high speed tick when I was using my hands free ear piece with my cell phone. At first I thought it was just a cheap ear piece, but I have 3, all different brands, and it happens with all of them. Does not happen when engine is off. I do no hear the tick, only the person on the other end hears it. Over the past 6 months or so the same high speed tick started happening in the low end FM band (NPR station range.) It definitely sounds like an ignition tick. If you are old enough to remember vehicles with ignition wires, it sounds exactly like the tick a bad wire used to create on AM. My AM band does not have the problem, at least with any stations I tried. Again, if you turn the car off the problem goes away. Took to my local mechanic who replaced the factory original spark plugs with the factory recommended plug. The car now has 130K on it so it was getting close to time to change plugs anyway. Problem still exists. The 06 Avalon uses coil-on-plug technology instead of good old ignition wires. I no longer own a hand held AM/FM radio with telescoping antenna which is how I used to diagnose these problems in days past. Any insight would be appreciated.
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