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  1. NO and neither should you want to. It is there for very good reason. What you have to realize that your tire pressures will fluctuate with an increase or decrease in temp. For every 10 degrees drop your psi will go down by 1 so if the temp is 65 one day and the next day it has dropped to 30 or lower your psi will have gone down by 3 psi or more this will make your tpms light activate. It is a pain but a pain put there to protect you. There have been fatalities linked to tire pressure dropping and the drivers being unaware.
  2. Glad you are happy, But you are soon to be a little disappointed, If you had waited a month or two you could have got the 2020 Highlander which is far more comfortably equipped.
  3. Yes it should do, but your ground clearance at the rear of the vehicle will be diminished a few inches. Be careful to make sure the wheel does not foul the rear of the aperture into which the wheel fits if it is at a tilt when lifting into position it could jolt loose if you hit a bump in the road.
  4. I'm seeking any help in order to repair my wifes high beams. The fuses are all working the bulbs are not blown, I replaced the DIM relay and they are still not working. Any ideas?
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