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  1. Been looking for a new car and not counting out anything. We test drover just about EVERY SUV style car out there and found something about each that we didn't like AND couldn't be upgraded to make it right. We liked most of what the highlander offered but didn't care for the second row bucket seats which is the only option in the trim we wanted. Haven't spent much time in one since we would be looking at the 2020 model once it comes out. Question I have is comfort. Is this a comfortable car to drive on long distance trips? I guess that's going to be subjective based on many different factors.. Just curious what others have found. Thanks!
  2. I'm with you. Was told you can only get the captains chairs in the second row if you want the top trim level.. So it's either select a lower trim level with less options like front camera sensors or get all the options I want BUT deal with the captains chairs.. Also, on the 2019's you are limited to a few colors when picking the top trim levels? WHY??? Again, don't like the colors being offered on the top trim so need to settle again..
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