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Tire Pressure RESET Button


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My wife's 2011 Camry has the occasional tire pressure warning light come on. It becomes very annoying and gets her worrying. I have referred to the owner's manual and every possible on-line source and have yet to find the infamous rest button. It is supposed to be labeled and it is supposed to be in the glove box. Other sources have pointed to  a half dozen other locations and I have yet to find it. Help! If at all possible, please include a picture of where it is as the description "To the right of the steering wheel" means nothing. Thanks.

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The Tire Pressure sensors may have gone bad. They last six to seven years. I had same situation with my Lexus where I got a warning "Check your pressure monitoring system" which would not go away pressing any reset buttons. I found through forum like this I may have to change the sensors and did that. If you get them at a dealer, they will charge $50 or more for each one(You have to change all of them to be sure). I bought them on eBay and had them installed at a Costco like place.

I know your message is different. If nothing else works, this may be a way. I was told you can also go to any tire shop and get this done.

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