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04 4 Cyl Shifts without key or pressing button

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Hello, I have an 04 Camry 4 cyl with 230,000.  Drives fine and progresses through gears ok as well. Looking for some specific help. Transmission engages in Park and holds the car fine on a hill.  My concern is that the center console shifter will move to Neutral or Drive without the key or pressing the button.  I had gotten so used to this that I stopped even noticing!! Also, a side note, I need to replace the shifter light. I can not remember when this was not like this.  bought the car in 2005.   I was reading and youtube and it dawned on me that this is not right or safe although I have never had an issue.  Is this something that can be repaired or is a replacement needed.   What should I check?   Thank you all for any specific advice.

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