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  1. Hello, I have an 04 Camry 4 cyl with 230,000. Drives fine and progresses through gears ok as well. Looking for some specific help. Transmission engages in Park and holds the car fine on a hill. My concern is that the center console shifter will move to Neutral or Drive without the key or pressing the button. I had gotten so used to this that I stopped even noticing!! Also, a side note, I need to replace the shifter light. I can not remember when this was not like this. bought the car in 2005. I was reading and youtube and it dawned on me that this is not right or safe although I have never had an issue. Is this something that can be repaired or is a replacement needed. What should I check? Thank you all for any specific advice.
  2. Hello all, I plan to keep this car for as long as I can. Still runs good. I usually shop Rockauto and am seeing some different size rotors and am looking for a mid grade rotor and better pads. Any advice? 2004 Camry LE 2.4L Thank you Very much!!!
  3. Hello, Anyone with experience removing this 30AMP fuse? Difficult for me to get two fingers on it. This is the fuse box to the left of the steering wheel under the change drawer. Any specific step by step directions? Thank you for your help
  4. Hello, I have a puzzle, for me. How do remove the 30 Amp square fuse under the dash? See Attached. . And... Anyone splice the ten wire harness to the Power Steering switch? My Power Seat forward/back function stopped working awhile back but other switches worked. It would Only move forward. I accessed the switch and ten wire plug and wrapped a rubber-band to hold the switch in the back position. I then jumped the two wires and was able to move the seat back to a position that all drivers could use. A few months later a driver forgot, and moved the seat forward. Now difficult for me. I then tried jumping the wires again but this time generated a spark and one of the wires burned some.. I think I used to small of a Gage jump wire. Now, No functions work. I went to the JY and pulled the same switch and plug with about six inches of extra wire. How do I remove the 30 AMP fuse under the dash? Trick? Tool? Anyone have experience splicing the ten wire harness to the Power Steering switch? Thank you for any advice!!!