2009 Matrix 2.4L serpentine belt replacement

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Hoping this form can help me out. I've got a 2009 Matrix S 2.4L and I'm replacing the belt. Took wheel off, accessed tensioner bolt, took old belt off, fished new belt on but can't get it over alternator.  Even with turning the tensioner bolt as far as it will go clockwise the belt can't slip over the out edge of alternator.  Anyone know any tricks? 

Thanks much


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maybe easier to fit it to the smaller pulleys first and leave the larger one until last....e.g. the crankshaft pulley, easier to roll over that one when you place it over the first part and turn the pulley to roll it on

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Thanks. I ended up getting it on by putting a board next to the pulley to prevent it from sliding off as I rolled it on to the alternator. 

It would have been nice if Toyota put a socket hole in the wheel well to access that tensioner bolt. I've seen that others have removed the top engine mount - seems like overkill for a simple belt. 


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