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93 Corolla Wagon DX

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Hi. My 93 Corolla DX Wagon just broke down in Billerica, Ma. They said it's not worth fixing due to age and has slow brake fluid leak, a broken strut, plus minor front end damage from lo speed accident, though everything works. It's only got 90k miles, is manual with 1.8 litre engine and mint interior. Very fast & agile, I just love it & hate to junk it. Anyone interested or have advice?
Thanks, Elisa B.

>>UPDATE: The car is waiting for an appraisal to fix the strut & tire, so may fix more stuff & post with better photos. Gotten a ton of offers on craigslist, which I didn't expect!





cap pic crop2.jpg

car pic crop.jpg

my car vermont edited cropped.jpg

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Sorry to hear your car broke down. Generally Corolla has a great reputation for not breaking down. My last job was working at group homes for adults with developmental disorders so I drove the agency-owned cars and all of them were a Toyota (mostly Sienna, Camry, or Prius). I have a 2009 Corolla LE and  I love it. My next car is no question going to be  Toyota.

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