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My 1993 Corolla


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I graduated from University August 1992 and my Dad handed me the keys to my 1993 Corolla.  I wanted red and 4 doors as I was a single parent with 2 girls.  It just turned over 500,000 miles.  Has the same clutch, alternator, starter, brakes but it has had new tires....many sets of new tires.  I absolutely hate to put it to sleep.  It has gotten us through ice, snow and has been the greatest back up car after we  purchased another vehicle.  We are moving to Wisconsin and unfortunately I don't think my "little red" will make it.  We  need a new winter vehicle and have been looking at the Rav 4 which I love.  Is there any chance my "little red" would be worth anything  besides absolute amazing advertising what/how and why everyone needs to own a Toyota in their life time.

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I'd recommend searching that model for prices online, running & not running. its amazing how wide a price range I found for mine. I posted it on craigslist & got way  more (urgent) offers than I expected. A garage told me mine was not worth anything, so I posted it for $300. and that was way too low. Then I saw a junked corolla sedan in an ad for $999. Mileage isn't the only consideration. Post it & let craigslist decide the value, I say! Good luck :)

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I purchased a 1995 Corolla wagon for $1800 in 2020.  It had been a one-owner car and is in very good condition.  It has just over 200,000 miles on it.  In over two years the only repairs I’ve had to make are routine oil changes and replacement of the serpentine and power steering belt. I’m hoping this car can go to college with my daughter who learned to drive in it, and last her at least until college grad.   Your story gives me a lot of hope!!  Thank you.

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