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Yaris driven in 3rd gear for first 4000 miles

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I am a bit embaressed to admit that I did this, but here it goes;

So i bought a brand new 2014 Yaris, with an automatic transmission, about 2-3 months ago. From day one ive been driving in Third gear, not Drive. It now has about 4000miles on it. I drive mostly in the city rarely exceeding 45 mph, though i have made maybe 5 trips to another city, driving about 250miles round trip at speeds of 70-80 mph in Third gear. Well I guess you could say the quarter had been circling and today it finally dropped. I checked the manual and confirmed that the gearshif should be over to the right for D, not to the left for 3. I plan to operate in Drive from now on for normal driving conditions.

Does anyone think ive done any damage to my vehicle driving this way, or maybe just added some premature ware. This car is my baby and im quite worried

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I can see why that is a little embarrassing but you didn't know and at least you do now!

Being quite a new car, I'm sure it won't have done any damage. The gear box oil will still be fairly new and clean so you should be ok! :D

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