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Hybrid batteries Dead vs. Diminished

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Guest Gus Reiber

Hey all,

So I am the owner of a Certified Pre-owned 2007 Hybrid Highlander. As my car crossed the 50k mile marker, my fuel economy dropped off by about 20% and has continued to decline. I have brought it into the dealer but their tests did not reveal any problems.

I suspect very strongly that the hybrid batteries have begun to loose their potency.

My local dealer has no additional diagnostics beyond a red-light, green light test.

Has anyone out there replaced their hybrid batteries, diagnosed them or seen similar fall-offs in economy?

Thanks for your help.

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Hey Gus... I'm Doug...

I too have a 2007 Highland Hybrid.. Over the last 2.5 to 3 years I too have seen a decline in mileage economy.. My all time high on a combined city and highway driving was 36 mpg on a full tank..... It has consistently been ebbing to now around 25 mpg.. still good.. but no where I use to be.. I was afraid my fall off occured when I started using Synthetic oil, but the dealer says that should have no issue... I have noticed the I.C. engine kicks in a lot quicker than it use to..

Maybe someone else out there can help us...



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