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Hi I am new to the forum. I own a 1999 Sienna with 210,000 miles. It has been the best van and still is.... But, just recently the engine light came on. It is not running poorly. I brought it to Advanced auto parts to read the code and they said it might have been some bad gas? My friend said it might be an oxygen sensor? My question is how do you know and how hard is it to change out an oxygen sensor? Any input helps, we are not getting a new car anytime soon and would love to just fix what we have.

Thanks, Bree

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hello bree

welcome to the forum

first of all when the guys at autozone or wherever u had the code checked

should have told u the code number . that is all the code reader in most of them do then u would have to find out just what that number ment ,to tell you what is wrong with the car

as far as how hard it is to change an o2 sensor , u would need an o2 sensor wrench and a lot of muscle

sometimes these things r really in there but u dont have to have a degree to do it

i hope this helps if u need to feel free to email me

my email is have a good day se ya


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