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  1. i installed a hid kit in mine and buffed the headlight lens solved the problem , hope this helps if u need help email me at ghammack@charter.net
  2. i hope u unjoy your celica ebay has 25000 items for this car hope this is helpful redbud
  3. welcome to the forum i hope u enjoy it have a good day redbud
  4. i am sorry i had a memory lapse on this car the 1995 tercel has only 2 coil an the other wire off each coil goes to the next plug just lift an twist the rubber boot an u should get to the plug sorry i fool with so many of these things i forgot redbud
  5. welcome to the forum and congrats on your find i dont know how rare it may be but like all toyotas it will give u good service might google the parts im sure they are around some where se ya redbud
  6. welcome to the forum andrew i hope u enjoy it , my daily driver is a 1993 toyota completly restored paseo love it se ya redbud
  7. welcome to the forum i hope u enjoy your new car keep us posted redbud
  8. welcome to the forum steve if we can help let us know i hope u enjoy se ya redbud
  9. u have found the other 2 , after u loosten the small bolt just twist one way an then the other u should feel the rubber relase from the plug that its attached to an lift as u pull they will come out . r u telling me that the car only had 2 coils on it ,should have 1 over each spark plug good luck se ya redbud u may email me at gorghamak@yahoo.com
  10. sorry about that you will find the spark plugs on the 1995 tercel under the coils which is in a row on the very top of the valve cover losten the small bolr with a 10 mm wrench an twist the coil slightly an lif the coil off the top of the plug if you have found 2 the other two are to the right or the left of the ones you have found was there coils attached to the 2 u found i hope this has helped if u need more help let me know se ya redbud
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