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Cruise Control Issues


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Yesterday we took a drive.  About three hours into the drive we stopped and got something to eat.  After we got back into the car we tried to enable cruise control we got the "!" indicator AND the text message "Cruise Control Not Available".  In looking at the online manual it indicates "The dynamic radar cruise control with full-speed range system cannot be used temporarily.  Use the system when it becomes available again."  I have owned the car for about three years so I know how to enable cruise control and characteristics.  

We have tried shutting off the car and then powering and taking it for a ride, but the same issue.  We have also tried letting it sit in the garage overnight to get a full charge and then trying it again.  Same issue.  We have hooked up our OBDC Blue Driver and tried to see about getting error codes but no errors were displayed.  All items were checked, except "Dynamic Radar" and "Air Bags".  All other systems reported no errors.  All other features appeared to be operating just fine.  Only thing that would make sense to me would be something wrong with the "Dynamic Radar".  I don't think it can be dirt or bugs on the sensor (doesn't make sense), but taking it in for full car wash in morning just in case.   Any suggestions?

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I would say that your last comment is the most likely cause

Alternatively if anything has caused damage (inside or outside) to the windshield area where the ADAS sensors are located then this also could be the cause along with damage to the grille area if there is a radar or camera located behind the badge area

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This morning I verified No windshield damage and no apparent damage on the grill area below the Toyota emblem.  Took car to car wash (manual wand type and also a auto car wash) no help.  Just in case, checked all fuses to ensure none where blown.  Local Toyota Dealer indicated they can troubleshoot issue ($200) and depending on results this could be covered by warranty.  Unless someone can give different possible testing, taking it to dealer next week.

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