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  1. Picked up this Avalon a few years ago. First year was glorious. Second year people started complaining of a high speed tick when I was using my hands free ear piece with my cell phone. At first I thought it was just a cheap ear piece, but I have 3, all different brands, and it happens with all of them. Does not happen when engine is off. I do no hear the tick, only the person on the other end hears it. Over the past 6 months or so the same high speed tick started happening in the low end FM band (NPR station range.) It definitely sounds like an ignition tick. If you are old enough to remember vehicles with ignition wires, it sounds exactly like the tick a bad wire used to create on AM. My AM band does not have the problem, at least with any stations I tried. Again, if you turn the car off the problem goes away. Took to my local mechanic who replaced the factory original spark plugs with the factory recommended plug. The car now has 130K on it so it was getting close to time to change plugs anyway. Problem still exists. The 06 Avalon uses coil-on-plug technology instead of good old ignition wires. I no longer own a hand held AM/FM radio with telescoping antenna which is how I used to diagnose these problems in days past. Any insight would be appreciated.