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  1. You probaly will have to go with an aftermarket or an oem new one check ebay their usually cheaper
  2. actually the toyota dealer would be expensive try a used parts place
  3. lexus

    Timing Belt

    get the water pump done too It is easier in the long run B)
  4. i believe you would have to do some modification
  5. he right it costs basically the same
  6. lexus

    new to Toyota

    welcome to the family hope you enjoy it
  7. Proably check at your toyota dealer if you still have warranty
  8. leave it on for 15 min or so during cold startups and it sould go away
  9. take it to someone else other thsn toyota dealer
  10. lexus

    Toyota Prius

    toyota actually dosnt recommend towing with prius
  11. lexus

    Battery replacement

    my battery in my sequoia lasted 80k original battery