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  1. streetz661


    Well im looking for a front bumper for my 95 corolla but not just a stock bumper i would like the bumper of the corolla fx gt model has so if anyone has one or knows where to get one I would like to know thanks.
  2. nice cant wait to see it im also going little by little hope those pics come soon
  3. Well Im in the hunt for lowering springs and a nice body kit the car belongs to my co-worker its I think an 87 celica but its in the 86-89 range for sure, and he saw my car and he would like to modify his car I recently lowered my car and he liked the way it looked so if anyone knows any good brands and has installed them on there car let me know please thanks. Since my car is not a celica I wouldnt know what brands makes them for his car the company I baught my springs from does not make them for his car. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. Well its been a while since I wrote about this but a baught the springs from Sprint and Im glad I did it lowered my car at a perfect level and the ride is so much better then those dumb coilovers I had So if anyone is looking for springs for there corolla I would recommend Sprint Springs its worth it. They lowered my car 2 inches around perfect to get that nice stance and not to low where im scraping everything on the road.
  5. yea thats the companys name you can check them out at
  6. Well thanks for the advice but I investigated alittle more and found out that even though they have the same strut the strut mount is different and the spring itself is thicker on the newer models then mine not much but enough for the spring not to sit correctly and may give me problems, I did find some for my car by sprint are these good springs or should I look for some other ones as for eibach same problem as tein only for the 98 and up corolla
  7. Does anyone know, I would like any suggestions thanks
  8. Well my corolla is a 95 and I am looking for springs I would like some from TEIN but they only make springs for the 98 and up corolla I work at Autozone so Ive seen that the struts are the same for my car for a 98 and up corolla would it be ok to put the springs on I wil be getting 15" rims so I dont want them to rub will it affect anything in my suspension. If anyone has any advice i would like to hear from you thanks to all who help.
  9. Well I want to know what size rims shouls I put on my 95 corolla I had 17 but did not like how they looked and they rubbed would 16 rub as well and for springs who makes the best springs for this car I want a nice drop not to much but enought to give it that nice stance. Coilovers are good but now one makes a good pair for my car or do they? but still prefer springs. anyone have them on there cars.
  10. you should change all fluids just to be sure and dont go to cheap use a bit of money to make sure you get the good stuff for your car. as for the ignition parts inspect them inspect the cap and rotor if they look damamged just change them but if there in pretty good condition then they werwe probably changed recently. Same goes for the wires take a plug out and see if there new or have carbon deposits or are burned.
  11. I heard of someone putting a levin bumper on the american version of the corolla will the levin bumper fit easily with the american corolla or will there be alot of modification to put it on or is it possible at all. If it does go on will the styock lights and grill still fit on the new bumper.
  12. I would lik to change my spark plugs on my next oil change, but Imnot really sure what spark plugs would be best for my car. Are iridium spark plugs really that good and would they be good for my car. I would appreciate your suggestions.
  13. streetz661

    LE or S

    I agree with him less weight and same amount of power
  14. On Ebay I have seen this TRD grill I want for my corolla but it says it wont fit te US corolla, but he also sells the corect hedlights I need for the grill to fit if I buy the headlights that are from an AE100 will they fit perfectly on my AE101 or do I have to Modify the front to make them fit?