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  1. RARE Red 1995 Toyota Celica looking for a street racer or Toyota enthusiast to restore her to her original glory or her racing glory!!!! I own the car listen above and either need some original parts , a good deal on a parts car like her, or i would like to sell her to someone that has a little money to restore her to her original rare beauty or make her a racing yota:) This is the best car i have ever owned and has never left me stranded it has always cranked and is almost thirty years old. It was garage kept by a dear friends of mine and her parents kept it in the garage for almost 10 years on rugs and kept covered when I purchased her and that was 5 years ago during one of the most difficult times of my life. This car is good and broke in and runs strong to this day! Any work done on it I have paperwork for and bought new parts but my mother my kid and my standard poodle are not all able to ride in this rare gem of a car without being cramped. I would like to see my baby go to someone that is into like track racing or street racing if i cannot find the drivers side window regulator and motor assembly and hardware. So if you are interested in purchasing at a fair price so i can put down on something more sensible for a single mom taking care of two elderly folks one teenager and a huge dog i will consider any fair offer. Or if you have just the hardware for that window assembly all I need is the metal /plastic clip thing that runs the window up and down the bar that runs up and down on the assembly kit. That's all i need and the whole assembly is very hard to find or too expensive for me. If you know anyone or are interested in this fantastic vehicle please contact me via Email: Uncagedkitty863@gmail.com or text my cell @ 863-844-3673 Martha
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