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  1. Now from about a month the smart access key start to trouble me by trying to put my hand many times to open the door or even to push the button many times to lock the doors and sometime when i try to open or close the doors lock or open the trunk by the remote its not working. I changed the remote battery but still the same problem is ocurring. Anyone have any idea what could be the problem and the solution?
  2. After i used the mobil1 10k oil for 2k i feel that its very good oil.
  3. Anyone can go or call his nearest toyota dealership to ask him about changing toyota avalon limited suspension to toyota avalon touring tuned suspension. I want to know the following things regarding changing to tuned suspension: - what are the parts that i need to change exactly? - what is the cost of each part? - Where i can buy or find those parts in online parts shops?
  4. I already changed today my engine oil to Mobil 1 Super synth for 10000 kilometer. I feel the car know more smoother than before, but let me check it for more days to give you my last impression about it.
  5. I am planning to change the oil that i am using now for my toyota avalon 2005 from BP oil which is used for 5000 kilometer to Mobil1 super synth oil which is for 10000 kilometer so i want to know two things: - Is Mobil1 super synth oil that is for 10000 kilometer is better than BP oil that is for 5000 kilometer with telling the reasons? - Regarding Toyota Avalon 2005+ Engine Oil Filter, Can i use it with 10000 kilometer oil or its made only for 5000 kilometer oil?
  6. Anyone can help me to find an online site to buy toyota avalon touring 2005+ sport tuned suspension cause i am planning to change my toyota avalon limited 2005+ suspension to the sport tuned suspension. Anyone know where to find them plz share you information here and thanks alot.
  7. My avalon 2005 display screen display this alert word: F, and all other function in the display screen is not working such as; AC display, Trip time, Average consumption and all other things. I checked my owners manual and i found that this alert message: F, means that there is a problem with the air temperature sensor connection. I tried to solve the problem but i couldnt figure out how to solve it so can anyone help me to solve this problem with telling me the place of the air temperature sensor connection.
  8. I heared about a company called Grander and they are selling a fuel treatment product called Eco Kat and that product can make your car save 5-15% of fuel and in hot countries they wrote that the fuel saving can go from 5-25%. http://www.granderwater.com/products.htm Anyone who knows about that company can sure his comments.
  9. Is there any advantage in installing computer chips to gain more hp or not and whats the disadvantage in using those kind of computer chips? In my country there is one computer chip called unichip and i heared that its good chip but i dont know really if its good or not so can you help me if you have any idea about it? Do you have any good computer chip that you recommend me to put to gain more hp and whats the price?
  10. Until now i have changed the stock air filter with K&N filter, and i changed also my stock spark plug with better one (Denso Iriduim Power).
  11. Do you recommend me to change the mufflers or not? Can you give me some hint to gain more hp? How i can get good exhaust tune (feel like sport car)?
  12. I found to mufflers for my toyota avalon 2005 model and i want to know which one from them is better according to the specification and according to the brand: 1- Injen Super SES (3" inlet , 4" outlet) 2- Edelbrock: Series 304 Stainless Race Muffler (4"Inlet , 6" Oultet) Also write down if you have any idea how much horse power gain i can get from changing two muffler.
  13. Hi Alberto Michelatti Can you tell me only how did you fix EPS parking sensor antenna inside the bumper and how did you layout its the connection to antenna?, did you remove the bumper to fix the antenna? If not so how did you fix the antenna? When i went to fix EPS parking sensor they told me that they need to open the whole bumper to fix the antenna, so is it true or not?
  14. I am thinking about changing my avalon 05 limited tires with higher width tires and i want to know what is the maximum width that can fit in the avalon 17" rims. I am planning to change the tires size from 215/55/17 to 235/55/17 and i want to know if its going to fit to the OEM rims or not and what type of consideration i need to know before changing to this size of tires? I want to know also what type of modification usually done when someone want to change the tire size to higher width tire size?
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