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  1. I live in Camas, Washington and am always up for a good drive. Let me know and I'll come cruise my Avalon with you guys. :D
  2. Yeah it would, it's about 200 or so to tint the windows, and I will be doing that here eventually. I've already thought about that. :D
  3. I had the same type of probem sorta in my car...they did a bunch of stuff to it, you might want to have your axle itself checked, because mine was rusted over so bad they had to replace the whole thing. My baby is worth it though.
  4. Got bored so I went outside and took a picture of the engine...haha And then the sexy body itself...
  5. Concitering that I'm just getting into the whole engine and actual mechanics of the cars, I'm not sure if this will work, but I did do what you suggested and at least looked up some stuff for syspension, I beleive the following one will work... http://eibach.com/cgi-bin/htmlos.exe/09194...239692300027542 "Selected Year: 1997 / Make: TOYOTA Model: Camry, 4 & 6 Cyl."
  6. Any brands or parts to recomend? Or just check up with TRD and see what they have available?
  7. Yeah, I plan to upgrade everything on it, including getting some strut bars, making sure my frame will stay up to the increased power.
  8. Usually shops have a big orange thing on wheels that helps them align the headlights, it should be adjustable with that, I've readjusted my headlights and checked it all out, check around the local shops and they should have someone there who can do it, it doesn't take that long to do it.
  9. Yeah, the ES300 is the exact same car practically, with minor asthetic differences; and of course the name change. That's a good idea though, I did forget about the 300; I'll be continuing to look for a while, and hopefully start to get my car up in HP within this next year. Hoping to get her to be around 300-350, to where I could take on STi's and wipe em out.
  10. I looked through their parts catalog, and for my car I did find 1 part that MIGHT fit, since the 97 Camry has the exact same engine as my car, I do hope that it will though. It's part number PTR10-33970-04 under their catalog, for a V6 Camry 97-01. Other than that, I found nothing that comes close to what would work for my car in terms of increasing the horsepower. Either that; or I'm apparently blind. Anyway thanks for the link, and I'll continue to look for parts; I have hope that there might be more coming out, since they are currently working on a supercharged Camry in TRD.
  11. Is there any aftermarket performance parts that are available for a 1997 Avalon? I've looked for hours, and found only air and oil FILTERS, and I'm starting to think that I need to get everything fabricated myself, I couldn't even put a cone air filter on my car due to how my intake is set up; if anyone could help me locate some good websites or find anything that potentially could help, it would be appreciated.
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