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    This year I wanted to replace my 2008 Toyota 4 runner with a new one. But I was prevented from doing so because of how complex Toyota made oil and filter changes on it's 2020 4 runners. I believe that Toyota engineers need to redesign the 4 runner, so that an oil and filter change is no more complex and difficult than on my 08 4 runner. Then I like other people that have to do their own oil changes for various reasons, can comfortably go out and buy a new one, and not be held back by this horrendous obstacle. Robert M. Partridge. April. 14, 2020. be held back
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    Greetings to all ... I am the original owner of my 84 Celica GTS Convertible. Facing new challenges as my Celica ages and looking forward to connecting with others. Thanks to All D_GTS
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    Hi from Finland! Me and my wife Katri lived in California (Concord city) 1994 - 1996. Then we bought new Camry (model 1995) from Concord. We drove it from California to New York via route 66 at summer 1996. (Concord, San Francisco, Death Walley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington, New York, Boston and then back to New York. Then we sent the car from New York to Finland by ship and flew to Finland. We sold the car 1998 and last week we bought it back.😄😄 Now I will fix it and I would like to buy rear trunk lid emblem logo badge sing (used) Crome. Do anyone have that item to sell it to me?
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    The1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four is a right-hand drive model completed in dark over dark that was imported to the US in May of 2018 and shows 56k miles. The vehicle is outfitted with a turbocharged and intercooled 2.0L inline-four mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox and sending capacity to each of the four wheels through a full-time AWD framework. Adjustments incorporate a secondary selling exhaust, springs, guiding wheel, sound system, and back-up camera. A liquid change, sparkle plug substitution, and specifying were acted in March 2018. This ST185 is offered by the selling seller with a perfect Washington State title. Dark paint is appeared close in various point by point display photographs beneath, which likewise delineate imperfections including chips over the nose and lower front valance. Alterations incorporate a couple of helper driving lights in advance and a curiously large suppressor. Plant 15″ wheels are shod in a lot of 205/60 jdm Toyo Garit G30 tires. A secondary selling tint has been applied to the side and back glass. The lodge is done in dark with shading checked fabric seats and a secondary selling controlling wheel. A Pioneer CD player and electronic lap clock have been introduced instead of the stock sound system. Roughly 90k kilometers (~56k miles) are appeared on the odometer. The display contains various photographs specifying state of the seats, entryway boards, main event, and covering. The turbocharged and intercooled 2.0L 3S-GTE inline-four was evaluated at 222 strength and 224 lb-ft of torque for the Japanese market. Force is sent to each of the four wheels through a constrained slip thick focus differential. A drivetrain liquid and sparkle plug change was finished in June 2018 for each the merchant. Reseller's exchange springs were purportedly included by a past proprietor. The vender has given a few lift shots to show the general state of the body, underbody, and suspension segments.