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    Ok - so you have registered, and wish to post a new topic in our forums. First of all - welcome to the club, thanks for joining up! :D To create a new topic, you should first of all consider what is the most relevant forum for your post. This is ususally easy - what model Toyota do you have? Selecting the forum that matches your car is a pretty good start! :D Select your forum by clicking on the forum name. Look in the top right hand corner of the screen, and work your way down. You will see two buttons. One says and the other says Click on the new topic button, and you will be asked to supply; - a topic title - a topic description - and the actual topic itself. Fill these in, and scroll down the screen a bit. You will see a button that says "Post New Topic" - click on this, and your message will be posted to the forum, where the other members may read it and respond. Hope you have fun on our forums! :D :D
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    Hi, just hit 300k on Jan. 9, 2017 on my 2004 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4WD I bought new in March of 2004. I've changed the oil and filter every 5000-5500 miles and try to keep other things in order. Had an issue with 4WD electronic actuator at around 200k, but otherwise trouble-free. Runs great and I plan to keep driving it. 400k? Hope so!
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    Hi all. My mum has a paseo convertible and 200 were sells here in switzerland.
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    The1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four is a right-hand drive model completed in dark over dark that was imported to the US in May of 2018 and shows 56k miles. The vehicle is outfitted with a turbocharged and intercooled 2.0L inline-four mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox and sending capacity to each of the four wheels through a full-time AWD framework. Adjustments incorporate a secondary selling exhaust, springs, guiding wheel, sound system, and back-up camera. A liquid change, sparkle plug substitution, and specifying were acted in March 2018. This ST185 is offered by the selling seller with a perfect Washington State title. Dark paint is appeared close in various point by point display photographs beneath, which likewise delineate imperfections including chips over the nose and lower front valance. Alterations incorporate a couple of helper driving lights in advance and a curiously large suppressor. Plant 15″ wheels are shod in a lot of 205/60 jdm Toyo Garit G30 tires. A secondary selling tint has been applied to the side and back glass. The lodge is done in dark with shading checked fabric seats and a secondary selling controlling wheel. A Pioneer CD player and electronic lap clock have been introduced instead of the stock sound system. Roughly 90k kilometers (~56k miles) are appeared on the odometer. The display contains various photographs specifying state of the seats, entryway boards, main event, and covering. The turbocharged and intercooled 2.0L 3S-GTE inline-four was evaluated at 222 strength and 224 lb-ft of torque for the Japanese market. Force is sent to each of the four wheels through a constrained slip thick focus differential. A drivetrain liquid and sparkle plug change was finished in June 2018 for each the merchant. Reseller's exchange springs were purportedly included by a past proprietor. The vender has given a few lift shots to show the general state of the body, underbody, and suspension segments.
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    For Sale 1994 Land Cruiser, all original, 3 owners, good condition, 298,000 miles, needs head gasket but runs great, $2500 OBO, Located at Hutchinson, MN Call or text Pam at 907 244-1878
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    Thanks i will look into it
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    Thank you sir! We are having a blast with this vehicle indeed.
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    Hi...welcome to the Forum The 4Runner is a great vehicle, enjoy! Good to have you onboard
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    Just wanted to put this short howto out there so Google can find it when the next person needs it. 2001 Toyota Echo Sedan rear driver or passenger window glass replacement, manual windows. Step one & two: Accidentally break window, find salvage yard with correct window, don't break it bringing it home. Step three: Remove inner door trim panel; remove window crank with a window crank removal tool (the retaining clip will attempt to flee), remove two obvious Phillips drive screws, from the bottom up, gently pry the panel away from the door until the clips pop out of the holes, lift the panel up and out to remove, set aside. Step four: Clean the tracks of broken glass, vacuum the broken glass out of the door, gently peel the clear plastic water barrier sheet up about halfway, tape up out of the way. Step five: This one had us stumped for a little bit. Remove the two screws mounting the rear window track to the inner door sheet metal, 10mm socket, which will leave space to slide the window down into the door. Put the front edge of the window into the front window track molding, but don't slide it all the way down just yet. Step six: Crank the window regulator up until it's near the roller guide rail on the bottom of the window. Pull up and back on the rear bottom corner of the window to tilt the window diagonally, and work the lift roller into the guide rail at the bottom of the window. I am writing this a day later, so it may be the other angle, but I'm pretty sure it's "back end up" diagonal. Step seven: Crank the window down most of the way, and firmly press the window forward into the front window track as far as it will go. From inside the door cavity, grasp the rear window track and twist it counterclockwise. This will rotate the open face of the track in and back just enough to slip the window into the track. Do so, then twist the track clockwise until window pops in and the mounting screw holes from step five line up, then reinstall and tighten the screws. Reassembly is pretty much the reverse of disassembly from here. Door panel hint; it drops into the window opening, with the plastic retaining fingers matching up with indentations. After it is in place, but before pressing the panel back into the door sheet metal, take a small flat plastic pry with rounded edges and work the rubber trim under the rear quarter window over the door panel to match the other side. A little 303 spray protectant on the rubber will make this much easier. Thanks for giving me a place to post this for future repairers!
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    Hi ,I'm Nick I'm new. I do not own this highlander it's my co workers.I'm helping him out.I am a really good Jack of all trades cars being my fav.
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    I’m Amanda I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla S
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    I recently had a drivers side sun visor fail on my 2006 Tacoma. I tore it apart, fixed it, and put it back together again. Here's a video of how I fixed it. I hope it helps the rest of you, not if but when it happens. https://youtu.be/ow0vdWhxZzM
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    To take them out you have to take out the whole dash (which isn't as difficult as it sounds) there are a few screws behind the radio dash insert, the left grey trim peice and the gage cluster, and the most difficult of them, the two airbag screws (in which the glovebox has to be taken out to reach out under it) I'm sure there is a video online for it.
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    I couldn't find this information anywhere else so I am posting it here for anyone who is looking in the future. I added fog lights to my 2016 Corolla. I was able to use the factory wiring already in place. I had to replace the headlight stalk with one that had the fog light switch. I sourced one from eBay. The wires for the fog lights were already behind the bumper in place. I bought OEM Toyota LED fog lights that fit my car. I found fog light bezels on eBay. I used #10 3/4 hex head screws to install the lights. Once the new switch and lights were installed it just needed the relay for the fog lights. The 10A fuse was already installed from the factory in the fuse relay box under the hood next to the battery. I was unable to locate the location of the relay for the fog lights. I got a subscription to the TIS and was able to locate it through that documentation. It is behind the instrument panel. Once I was able to locate it I installed the relay and the lights work as they should. It is a clean OEM setup. The bonus is the LED fog lights match the color of the factory LED headlights. Relay Part Number: 90080-87026 Toyota LED Headlights: PT413-42191 Headlight Switch: 0R020 17F927 L59
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    Here is the data specs for a 2017 Prius battery: Battery and Charging Battery Capacity 8.8 kWh Port Location Right Side - Rear Charge Port Type 2 Charge Power 3.7 kW AC Charge Time (0->25 mi) 2h15m Charge Speed 11 mph Battery Useable* 7.0 kWh
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    Thank You! I agree with the ride like a ‘78 Caddy and better mileage!
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    I am the second owner of a 2008 Avalon Limited and it's at 228000. It rides like a 78 Caddy without the maintenance problems and way better gas mileage.
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    Laureen, It was a good call to turn back as a precautionary measure. It could be a number of things. Did you recently fill up with gas? It may the fuel. Or it may be coolant seeping in the head thus mixing with fuel. If this were the case, the RAV4 would be running very rough. When you checked the oil, did you notice any frothing or bubbling on the dip stick? At this time, is it running smoothly or roughly at idle? Is there any moisture coming out of the tailpipe when it is running now? It may have been none of the above and it could have been something as off the wall as water in your tailpipe and or muffler from driving in deep water from heavy rain.
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    You may change LED headlight bulbs for your car by yourself. Get a pair of LED bulbs in bargain from eBay or Amazon will cost you about $20 each pair.
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    Got the problem taken care of..I have a revolving code on my opener so there is no need to us the hand opener while programing.
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    Saying Hello from Laval,QC
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    How was the Revtek lift kit? Would like to know your feedback. I'm for suspension lift kits for Tacoma and I've been seeing some people comparing Revtech and Tough Country.
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    I always put 2 psi more in the tires than what it says! Helps me!
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    Hello all! I just got rid of my Hyundai Elantra, and got a 2014 Camry SE. I'm instantly in love with the car, and just wanted to stop in and say hello.
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    Yes, we did it. There is a short circuit in some section of the harness. We really want to change the whole harness.
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    maybe easier to fit it to the smaller pulleys first and leave the larger one until last....e.g. the crankshaft pulley, easier to roll over that one when you place it over the first part and turn the pulley to roll it on
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    Why is black the only leather interior choice when I build/price a 2017 Toyota Corolla XLE? I would love to recommend that my wife replace her 2008 Ford Focus with a 2017 Toyota Corolla XLE, but I know from experience that she hates black interior colors. I usually convince her to get the leather interior, but it looks like black is the only choice in that configuration. Why can't I get a pearl white exterior with the same light color interior on a 2017 Toyota Corolla XLE that my 2013 Toyota Camry came with?
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    Just looking to say hello and looking for 73 74 celica st like my father had in the early 80's. Anyone with some leads on one for sale? thanks for your time.
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    The manufacturer for the Highlander tail lamp assembly is North American Lighting. Not sure if they do the Lexus 760A lamps but you should be able to see either "N.A.L" or "North America Lighting" embossed on the housing if they do make it. Basically Toyota told me to keep taking it back to the dealer and there was no bulletin related to this issue.
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    I have just bought a 2009 Avalon XLS and noticed in the owner's manual the bulbs for the low-beam headlights are listed as halogen or discharge; how can you tell which one is in your vehicle? Besides removing one, that is...
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    I bought a 2005 Highlander new and have always had my dealer perform the service required in the manual. I have had zero problems with the car. I now have 63,00 miles and plan to keep the car another 4 years, or so. Question is: Should I have any maintenance done beyond what the manual schedule calls for and if so, specifically what should be done? Thanks for your help.
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    I'm looking to buy a new set of Tire of my Matrix 2003. I'm want to put the smallest size I can put to pay the lowest price. (it's an old car, I don't want to put the OEM size on it, it cost me over 800$ just for the rubber) Anyone can tell me any size, or refer me to a website ? Thanks
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    Shifter cables on my 91 MR2 turbo broke recently-have been told that new ones are not available anywhere in US. Replaced with ones from wrecking yard. Doesn't engage 3rd gear as before. Told by mechanic that there is no adjustment to cables. So seems that I am stuck with less than had prior to the one cable of two breaking. Would appreciate any advice. Would like to purchase new replacements if anyone knows where to get them. Thanks-just not as much fun to drive as was. Sad
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    Hi Toyota fans If possible, please spare some time to take 5-10 minutes survey to help us stand on how customer perceive towards automotive recall www.surveymonkey.com/s/carrecall Thanks in advance
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    i know this is an old post, but that is the fuel pump strainer and not the filter.
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    My 2014 Matrix S! Added the black-to-blue stripes along the bottom.
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    If you are putting led bulbs in your headlight, you will need resistors. HID kits are a simple install and everything is included in the kit. I have 6000k ddm tuning hid kits on my headlights and fog lights (2009 Camry). Hope this helps!
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    You definitely do not have to remove the nut to remove the rotor. It is strange that you can not get it off. As you say it does not look rusted, although that is a common problem. I suggest that you take the car to a brake shop or dealer or your mechanic and ask them to just loosen the rotors. Maybe they have a tool that will get the job done. Once they are loose, then you can continue with the job yourself. I recommend that a dry lubricant be sprayed on the mating surfaces of the rotor to eliminate this problem for the future. Just make sure not to get any lube on the braking surfaces. I also make sure the rotor is loose every year when I check the pad for wear, just to make sure that rust is not bonding the rotor to the hub. One caution: if you hit the rotor too hard with a mallet or pry on it too hard it could bend and that would cause you to need to replace the rotor, so be careful. However, if it is on too tight you (or the mechanic) might have to hit is so hard to get it off that it bends it. In that case you will have to buy a new rotor. I would always buy OEM rotors. My experience is that they are better than any aftermarket rotor. I also use the OEM pads since it is critical that the technology of the rotor agrees with the technology of the pad. If, for example, you wanted to switch to ceramic pads I would buy the pads and rotors from the same source. They are designed to work together. Let us know how it worked out.
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    If Toyota recommends 6 years and it had been 13 then I would get it changed as soon as possible. Not worth the risk in my opinion.
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    Hi Zach welcome to the club! :) I bet it's good to have a car that warms up quickly in Alaska!
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    Being 16 I presume you do not remember the fram filter ads that used to run on tv. They said pay me now or pay me later. Stop trying to impress anyone. Oil is cheap compared to tearing down an engine. Change your oil and filter every 4,000 miles and three times a year. Same with Air filter and fuel filter, keep them clean. You'll really impress your parents if you buy a Haynes or Chilton Manual and learn to do simple stuff yourself.
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    Based on what others have suggested to me try crutchfield.com
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    Your going to hear this over and over but I guess I'll be the first... If you desire a wagon, like many of us do, then make a much more wise financial decision and purchase a acura, audi, BMW or VW wagon, or whatever else is available. Spending your hard earned money to "modify" the camry into a one off frankenstein is akin to pouring money down the drain. Even if you found something similar in shape...deconstructing the unibody, removing key structural members and re-welding everything back together in addition to paint and bondoing a one off interior together...you will spend well into the 5 figure range. When all complete, you will have a car with no value whatsoever. Go buy a 5 year old wagon for less and have something to show for it.
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    Hmm...not many, less even than Supras. Nice little car though.
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    My son drives my first camry; a 97 with 243,000 miles. Original engine and transmission. Change the oil regularly is my best advice. My daughter has a solara 02 w/ 75k, and my wife drives an 08 camry w/ 32k. We believe!
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    I'm on a Toyota mailing list and received this today...thought it was interesting, and may help everyone get a little better mileage: Toyota's recommendations for getting the most out of your mileage: Keep tire pressure at recommended levels; under-inflated tires use more gas. Avoid driving at speeds that are higher than necessary, especially on the highway. Avoid jackrabbit starts and, when possible, avoid sudden stops. Don't carry items in the car that you don't need; additional weight means lower mileage. Use air conditioning in moderation. The mileage tips below come straight from hybrid drivers, and contribute to facilitating the sharing of ideas in the hybrid community: One hybrid owner offers an imaginative analogy for getting the "Zen" of thrifty hybrid driving: "Imagine pedaling a bicycle with your own leg power. You cruise as much as possible. No need to go full throttle before a stop. Glide to a stop instead. Don't race to cruising speed. Take it easy on the engine just as you would on your legs." Another hybrid owner counters this approach, suggesting that rapid acceleration to speed followed by cruising is actually more efficient, though counterintuitive. Perhaps the best thing is to try both and see for yourself. Adding to the old debate over driving with the air conditioning on or the windows open, one Prius owner suggests that with a Prius, keeping the windows open is more economical. The rationale: Battery drain from air conditioning uses more gasoline than aerodynamic drag caused by open windows. Remember that for every mph above 55 in a Prius, you could lose up to one mpg, mostly due to atmospheric drag -- even with its advanced aerodynamic body. Common-sense maintenance also leads to good mileage. Change oil on the maintenance schedule and don't use heavier oil than is recommended in the owner's manual. Heavier oil can mean mpg-robbing drag on the engine. Inspect your air filter and replace it on the maintenance schedule or as needed. A choking engine uses more gas. Techniques of a mileage champion Some Prius owners keep pushing the hybrid mileage envelope to the max. Five of these "hypermileage" enthusiasts recently teamed up and set a record of nearly 110 mpg in a marathon economy run. Hypermileage techniques are not for everyday driving. They have to be practiced in controlled conditions and then become "second nature" because of the attention that must be paid to the dashboard display at first. Here is a description of how Dan Kroushl, one of the marathoners, adapts hypermileage techniques to daily driving in his Prius: "On the highway, I just set cruise control to 55 mph and go. In city driving, during acceleration or maintaining speed uphill, I use the deadband technique. This means no flow to or from the battery while accelerating. I glide (no flow at all, engine is stopped) during mild downhill stretches. I apply the brakes (regenerative) on steeper downhill stretches to keep my speed below 42 mph. "I do this because the motor-generators (MGs) reach their maximum rpm at about 42 mph, which forces the engine to run to prevent damage to the MGs. So at speeds above 42, the engine must run, which creates added friction. This must be compensated for to maintain speed, causing a reduction in fuel economy. "When coming to a stop I coast (foot off the accelerator) until the stop. While braking and coasting, a small amount of energy is regenerated to maintain the battery level. I use this technique on my daily commute which is 50% highway at 55 mph and 50% city at 35 mph. Depending on environmental variables, during the summer my fuel economy ranges from 67 to 72 mpg." Try some of these techniques and see how your mileage improves.
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    I'm pretty sure there's no way to do it. The Toyota Bluetooth is a bit more complex than your Bluetooth earpiece...the earpiece is more like just an extra handset, while the Toyota Bluetooth is an entirely separate system that links only for the purpose of making calls. You can set up speed dials (17 or 18 of them, I think) on your Toyota Bluetooth that you can dial while moving, and you can also set it up to dial with the voice commands. If all else fails, pick up your phone, hit the number, and you can still talk through the Bluetooth system.
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    The way to change your fuel filter of toyota echo, any questions please email me
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    Hello, I'm planning on buying a Prius III with navigation within the next 3 to 4 weeks. I've found one for $100 over invoice and next weekend I will be visiting a dealer to check on the Costco price that they offer through the Costco car buying service. I'm looking for any advice anyone has specifically regarding the Prius III. Should I consider an extended warranty or is it a waste? Thanks!