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Sept 30, Bristol, RI Colt State Park Meet

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This was copied from another forum to help spread the word about it.Here is some links to a couple of forums.

hey all, time for another great Colt State Park RI meet.

Saturday, September 30 we'll be having the meet @ the normal place, Colt State Park in Bristol, RI.

we'll prolly start meeting up around 12-1pm, doing the usual meet and greet, BBQing, the frisbee/football ect.. will be thrown around some im sure, and just general hanging out.

Later on we can decide as a group what to do, be it Dave & Busters for some food and games, or just crusing around or whatever.

anyone who'd like to hang out, and stay over the night, is more than welcome, we had a GREAT "after meet-meet" at the last NE meet.

EVERYONE is welcome, and BRING A FRIEND! the more the merrier.

hope to see you all there!!!!

for directions, type in 1060 hope st., Bristol, RI into mapquest. there is no address # for colt state park, you'll see two huge bull statues at the entrance tho, its VERY hard to miss...

heres a link to some pics from the last meet we had, we'd love to have more of you come out and have some fun, and enjoy the cars.

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