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2021 Venza "Status Alerts" from app

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I recently traded my 2019 Camry Hybrid for a 2021 Venza Limited.  I use the same Toyota app and the same login on my iPhone. I just removed my Camry and added my Venza.

However, I have something weird happening.  When I get out of the vehicle and lock the car, 3-5 minutes later I get a status alert telling me to "check the vehicle status". However, in the app there are not status alerts. It shows all doors are closed and locked.  Big green check mark.  But EVERY time I get out of the car and lock it, this alert pops up. It's quite annoying.

In the past, with my 2019 Camry Hybrid, it would only pop up those alerts if there was an open door, unlocked door, trunk open, sunroof open, hood open or hazard lights were on. It would NOT send me an alert to show me there were no alerts.  In the alert settings it even gives you options for what type of Push notifications you want, the first one is Unlocked Doors. However, when I was just trying to discuss this with a Toyota Care rep on the phone, she was insistent that the alert will push to the phone if the vehicle is locked or unlocked.  This has never been the case in the past and I find it annoying that it would send me an alert to tell me there isn't an alert (which is NOT what the alert technically says).

I have tried removing the vehicle and re-adding it. I have rebooted the phone. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it.  And now, after the first rep "accidentally" hung up on me, the new rep suggested that I turn off all alerts, then log out of the app, then log back in to the app.  I then went for a short ride and re-locked the car.  Since I turned off the alerts altogether, I assume it will not pop up. However, the real test will be how it reacts after I turn the alerts back on.

Since this is a new "model" of this car I thought perhaps it might have been some weird quirk or flaw in the app or alert system built into the car.


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I have a 2021 Venza LE.  I don't have the issues you are having.  If I leave the car unlocked, I get a warning and a notification on my iPhone and Apple Watch.  If the vehicle is locked, I do not. 

Same for open door, hatch open, windows left open.

Have you discussed this with your dealer?  What your experiencing is not normal behavior and not what I see with the same vehicle. 

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