Bob K

2015 RAV4 Low speed roughness

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Hi guys,  I just turned 100K miles on the RAV4. I changed the spark plugs at 90K, but didn't have any adjustments made. (Tune up)  Now, it's still running fine, but I notice that when I'm going slow (1200 RPM) and I just touch the gas pedal, to maintain my speed, the engine vibrates  lot, and sounds rough.  It didn't do this before, it ran very smoothly. Do I need to bring it in to Toyota for an adjustment or something?  This minor problem started a couple thousand miles ago, long after I changed plugs

It still keeps running, but I find it's just not right! I hope it's just a simple adjustment. It's way out of warranty, and I don't want to change a computer ($$$$) for this little problem.


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Hello, I have read the issues that you are having with your Rav,  today I j purchased my 2019 Rav4 AWD  but I had a Chevrolet Impala previously , I also had the issues that you are experiencing , I fixed my issue by cleaning the Throttle body with an old toothbrush and Throttle body cleaner , Scrub the Butterfly valve and the bore that it sits in because dirt and oils build up ans cause rough running conditions , Good Luck....

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