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Hello all!

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Hello all.  Quick intro for me here: 36 years old, live in Columbus, OH where Im an auto worker.  My interests are cars, sports (football, hockey and soccer), beer and golf.  Ive been a Toyota enthisiast since 1997.  My first car was an '85 Toyota 4Runner and Ive been in love with the brand ever since.  I love all cars, especially Japanese brands but Toyota will always hold a special place in my heart.  Ive owned 2 4Runners: an '85 and a '91, as well an an '07 Camry LE and currently a '16 Corolla S 6MT.  I love my Corolla, with the 6-speed; its the perfect blend of fun and practicality.  By no means is it fast or would I call it a sports car but its fun to slam it through the gears and pretend that it is a sports car. LOL  Id actually seriously considered a Tacoma because theyre awesome but I drive about 30,000 miles a year; so a Tacoma really wasnt a good option due to the fuel milage.  Id have been spending a small fortune in fuel.

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