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Hello, my name is Bludude4 and I am new to owning cars.

I'm an 18 year old guy that recently graduated high school. A few weeks before doing so, I bought a 1991 Toyota Tercel STD back in late May of this year, (4 speed manual, 82HP 1.5L 4 cylinder)and the other day I thought I would start taking better care of it. I know next to nothing about how cars work - I'm trying to change that, and would like to start performing regular and irregular maintenance on the car myself. I would even like to maybe make a few small modifications (starting with my suspension, and the general wheel/axle area) once I master the basics. I'm going to be attempting an oil change on it next weekend.



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Hi Bludude4,

If you think you are going to have this car for a while and plan on doing your own maintenance and repairs, I would strongly recommend buying a Haynes or Chilton manual.  Looks like they are about $30 bucks, but that will pay itself back in no time, with what you save on maintenance and repairs.  They are also great learning tools and can teach you a ton about your Tercel.

Hope this helps!

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