Richard David Davenport

Hey all! Transmission issue here. Please read

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Thanks for reading!

My roommate was part of a multi vehicle accident in her 1996 Geo Prizm.   She is ok, but the car did not fare too well.  I was able to straighten most of the bent sheet metal (flattening the hood, pulling the radiator support back out, and pushing the ac core back in place) , but there is now an issue with the transmission.  It has a 5-speed.  She has no reverse and 2nd gear anymore.  4th is kinda iffy, but mostly not engaging.  I was wondering if anyone who was in the know on these cars having any idea on the culprit?  I have checked the usual suspects, but I did not see any issues.  The shifter lever is engaging the cables, you can hear the gears (with engine off) shifting in place, but nothing seems to make it go.  

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