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Highlander platinum

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Not to totally discourage you from your new purchase. But I just stopped from going to buy my new '15 HL LE V6 today after a issue I found. It was actually pointed out to me on the Kia Sorento site as I was cross shopping those vs the HL. A member there turned me onto a video and problem thread with many new Toytota owners complaining of a noisy AC servo motor in their new, weeks old HL's.

I saw the video and read many replies in the thread and folks complain of intermittent, loud servo motors by using the climate control. Some say even without using the climate control the noisy motor is still an issue. They are very angry that Toyota Corp wont offer a fix in their brand new, noisy HL's. I was going to buy a LE V6 which I don't think will have the climate control option.

But after reading these complaints and folks trying to fix it themselves with no luck, I canceled my new car test drive appointment. I may still go cause I'm hopeful the LE wont have this problem. But again, many say the problem has not surfaced until after they bought their new Highlanders. I hope this gets better for them soon. GOod luck with your purchase. I still want a HL, so we'll see.

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I think the platinum model is worth the price. I have not noticed any strange noise from the A/C. There is driver, front passenger, back seats air distribution. So far no complaints from anyone.I find the 6 cyl 3.5 L Highlander very quiet, especially when compared to a 4 cyl SUV. Quiet, nice ride, good visibility, nice technology, decent gas mileage in a big SUV ... I had no problem making my decision. What did you finally go with ?

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