Echo-05 Low-beam the bulbs barely light.

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I have a 2005 Toyota Echo that has just recently developed a problem with the driver side low beam headlamp. When I hit the light with my hand then it comes to normal but when I switch off the car engine and restart then again no lowbeam lights.

I thought one of my bulbs had burned out and when check the bulb so I found a small piece broken in bulb glass so I replace it with new one and then.

The one working was went off and the one bulb replace start working then I took off both bulb and swap with each other and now..

When the lights are on low-beam the bulbs barely light and if I switch to high-beam only driver side works and passenger side no low/high beam.

Both parking and turn-signal works perfectly However.

Somebody suggested that the ground wire of headlight could be damage/faulty.

I would appreciate an early reply into this problem.




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