Headlamp - how do you know if it's halogin or discharge type?

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I have just bought a 2009 Avalon XLS and noticed in the owner's manual the bulbs for the low-beam headlights are listed as halogen or discharge; how can you tell which one is in your vehicle? Besides removing one, that is...

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Like the name implies, high intensity discharge lighting creates a very bright light that is ideal for night time driving. Though the color of the light is often perceived as having a bluish tint when viewed at night, most of the light that is produced by HID headlamps is actually very close in color to natural noontime sunlight -- though some of the light produced is also in the blue and ultraviolet spectrum. Halogen headlamps, by comparison, are more yellowish in appearance but are brighter and whiter than older incandescent style headlamps."

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Unless your 09 was some sort of special order it will not have HID lights. Only Limiteds and Touring models came with HID lights .

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