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2003 Rav4 Died in Busy Intersection

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I have a 2003 Rav that was recently rear ended. (10 to 15 mph collision). It started and drove away from the wreck with no issues. The next morning after dropping off kids, it died in the middle of a busy intersection with no warning. Hasn't started since.

I've pulled the back seat, listened for fuel pump sounds with key on but nothing. Metered the 5 pin connector and have 11v on 2 pins (battery is slightly down from trying to start it). And, 8.8v on the other 2. See pic. Not sure of the actual pin numbers...just there for visual reference.

Not sure what the other connector/wires on the pump do or should read. See pic.

Anything else I should check before replacing the pump? I thought I would pull it, air dry it and use a 12v bench test supply to see if it runs out of the truck.




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I rechecked everything this morning. Not sure why I didn't check it yesterday but pins 3 and 5 that showed 11v also show continuity to ground when metered to a seat bolt going thru the floor pan. Same when metered together. So, a more accurate way of looking at this is that pin 2 shows 11v.

This morning, I can't get any voltage on 1 and 4 except trace 0.02v readings when metered to pin 2. Looking at the top of the connector (pic), pin one isn't even connected. 3 and 5 still show 11v when metered to pin 2. Same as before.

I've downloaded a service manual for this vehicle but it doesn't have a chapter on the fuel system. Anyone know of a pin out diagram for this connector?


Thanks again,

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