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***** WNCRiDES Toys For Tots Drive 2011 ***** 10 Dec 9:00 Am***** Asheville, NC


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Please read entire post.

Its that Time again!!!!

Last years WNCRiDES Toys for Tots drive was a massive Success' date=' we had over 80 people and donated over 200 toys. If you didn't come last year, ask anyone who did and i am sure they will have nothing but good things to say.

so here it is.....

Christmas+ toys = WIN

Christmas+ ..... = Lame


Toys= WIN!!!

so what can we do to help the kids of Western NC?

Lets get out and do some good in the community

by donating as many Unwrapped $10 toys to local kids who are less fortunate

How do I do this you might ask?

Well here is how.

WNCRiDES Toys For Tots Drive 2011

Date: December 10th

Time: 9:00 AM (yea its early on a Saturday but its for a good cause)

Location: Meet at the Asheville Walmart


Plan: We will meet up at the Walmart in Asheville.

Everyone will have time to go into Walmart to buy a few toys

We will drive together to the 99.9 kiss country radio broadcast / toy collection and donate our toys to help LOCAL kids have better Christmas.

We will go get lunch at the Asheville mall Food Court

and then there you go, your Saturday morning just put a smile on thew face of kids in OUR AREA, you put a toy in a child's hand and as we all know these days something as simple as that can make a huge difference.

Here is what they are looking for as far a toy donations:

Approximately a $10 toy



I know times aren't the best and money is tight, Im not here ask you to bring 10 toys, but do what you can if you can donate 1 then great! if you can donate 100! great, its all up to you to decide what you want to donate. I do ask that every car that participates donates 1 toy. Remember Toys = WIN so do what you can and make some kids Christmas better.


The members of this forum are pretty much the only advertisement we have, so tell everyone

YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A FORUM MEMBER OR EVEN A CAR NUT TO PARTICIPATE! Bring everyone!!! tell people at work, your family, your non car friends, and as sad as i am to say this, please please spread the word around facebook. there will be an event page like usual , invite everyone, keep inviting them and invite more people, bump the thread, post it on othur forums and get the word out,

This is our chance to make a REAL difference in the lives of children in Western NC, You might be giving some kid their favorite childhood toy.

DEC 10 9 AM***** Walmart in Asheville**** Toys = WIN**** DEC 10 9 AM****Walmart in Asheville***** Toys = WIN

I will be putting up a link of a flyer for the event here ...

if you can print a few out and take them places you might have people that will come out with a toy.


*********** Meet and drive policy.

Keep In mind that while at WNCRides meets and drives ABSOLUTELY NO RECKLESS DRIVING WILL BE TOLERATED ***

Basically this means no breaking of traffic laws. No burnouts, drifts, passing on double yellow lines, unsafe driving and anything else that would potentially put you OR other motorists in danger.

This includes bit it not limited to:

Excessive revving


Crossing double yellow line

Racing at a meet

General reckless driving


Ricer behavior will not be tolerated. If you choose to breaks these simple rules you will be asked to leave and banned. These rules are not meant to insult your driving ability nor are they intended to keep you from having fun. We simply want to ensure that everyone has a fun and SAFE time if they choose to spend it with WNCRides.

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