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Toyota Avensis III 1.8 2016 - Wierd noise while driving?

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Hello Everyone
I have a wierd problem with my Avensis for last few days.
While driving (only driving) I can hear a humming noise - sounds like a propeller XD. This sound is noticable from 40 do 90km/h. In higher speed noise is less noticable due overall speed. Overall engine and gear box work completelly fine. I checked engine on hold - everything was fine (1000km ago I changed oil 5W30). CVT gear box oil was changed 1500km ago. One month ago both fron wheel bearing was changed to new ones. One thing worth to mention is that with opened window (in city) I can hear a loose metalic piece while breaking - this could be a problem with a front left breaking caliper because I notice this few weeks ago.
Below link to video, when I recorded while driving:

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