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2013 Corolla S fog lights do not turn on. Exploring details


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Hey guys,

I have factory fog lights w my corolla and never noticed them on. I was looking into ways for them to turn on because they do not turn on as of now. The fuses under the hood and under the steering wheel all have continuity. This led me to believe that the relay box would be the issue, the one behind the climate controls in the center console. So I saw where it was on fuse-box.info and saw that "R1" indicated above in relay box 2 was allegedly the fuse for the front fog lights. But when I checked it out, what I saw is posted below. Only an indicated "R2" based on the diagram. When I tested that relay, I had a good resistance value and nothing seemed wrong despite not running the car to test. Does my car just not have the relay? Why would I have wiring for the fog lights? Sorry if this was already notated out there haha. My interior is torn apart and I am curious!


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