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I want to buy your Mirai !

BC Mirai

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Longo Toyota is selling Mirai's for approx. $11,000 and offering a $15,000 fuel card for people in California.

I live in B.C. Canada, I called the dealership to see about exporting one. They said that I can export one but the fuel card is California only. Does anyone own a excellent condition, no accident Mirai, that they would want to sell me and then buy the car from the dealership and we split the value of the fuel card. 

example math. Dealer costs approx. $11,000 i get discount of $7500 therefore I pay you $3,500 for your car. You buy the car with my $3,500 so your out of pocket $8,500 but you keep the $15,000 fuel card for yourself. Would cost you $8,500 but you get $15,000 in free fuel. Or some other reasonable deal so both of us win, you tell me. You end up with same car but an additional $7,500 in free fuel over three years. 


Let me know.


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