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Frustrated Toyota Owner

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I purchased a 2022 Toyota Tundra, just over one year ago, because they were so difficult to find. Just recently learned that they turned off a number of features, unless I sign up for their new subscription plan, for only $15/mo. Paid $80,000, all in for the vehicle, only to find out that I only received the physical components. I no longer have access to my maps, or any navigation. Can no longer heat, or start my vehicle remotely. This is as bad as BMW charging their loyal customers to heat their seats, a decision which was finally changed back following a number of complaints. Well, I complained directly to Toyota. They could care less that I no longer receive what I already paid for. If you own a Toyota, and agree with me, please let them know directly, and show your support on this board. This subscription stuff has to end, with Toyota, and everywhere. 

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