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Drum to disk conversion


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Here is my issue, I have owned this very nice truck since 2018, and it serves me well. with the exception of the parking brake, I have changed every part of the brake system, including every part of the parking brake from the cables to both drums all the drum hardware etc. I have also taken the truck to two separate mechanic shop during routine maintenance and inspection intervals, they have examined and adjusted the system but it just does not hold as it should. 

I was going to upgrade to disks brakes, but the aftermarket systems still use drums as the parking brake. not an option I am interested in.

the newer cars that are produced have an electric solenoid powered parking brake assembly, my friend has a 2020 Corolla and another has a Honda Civic, both with this as standard equipment. 

This is what I would like to do. I would love to convert the rear axil of this vehicle to a disk only pads and rotors setup and wire in the electric parking brake instead of the cable drum setup currently used. 

Is these parts available? even separately? does the newer larger vehicles Tundra's and SUV's have a larger electric powered parking brake caliper assembly?    



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