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prius head gasket fail!

Carol B

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My 2017 Prius needs an engine replacement due to a failed gasket. The car has about 60,000 miles on it. Head gasket failure at 60,000 miles should not happen.  Searching Toyota’s site with the VIN reveals no service issues or recalls. Though there are reports on line about a tendency to fail. We noted that coolant was low and had the system checked for leaks. There were none. The failure of the gasket appears to have caused the problem. As soon as we saw an instance of white smoke, we went to the dealer, and are now looking at a $9,000 engine replacement.
We had no way to know about the faulty gasket. The only symptom was low coolant.  There was never an instance of overheating, or loss of power, misfiring, shaking or other warning. Which brings us back to faulty part.
This is my third Toyota, and one of my pervious cars was bought used.  These cars led me to expect similar performance and reliability for the Prius. It is shocking to have a catastrophic failure in a car with mileage this low. Toyota sold me a car with a faulty gasket that failed without warning.  What can Toyota do to get me back on the road? Should I tell my Prius driving friends and family to have a full diagnostic early and often? 
Carol Beck 
P.S.  I sent this to Toyota “Brand Engagement” and received a short boilerplate reply. There was no mention or consideration of any options to assist me. 

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