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Battery life

Prius T

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hello I am a new member into the club I have a 2017 Prius hybrid plug-in. I don't charge the battery that much at all as I don't have access to a charging port where I live. I basically charge up the battery maybe twice a year when I'm going to take a trip down to Florida from New york. I just want to know what other people's experience are with this car that is it really necessary to keep the battery fully charged or is it just fine, like the dealer told me, you don't really have to charge the battery. I would like to get updated information on what is best for the battery life of this car. I bought it at $45,000 I presently have almost 82. So I'm hoping for a long life with his car I get excellent gas mileage. Anybody can give me some tips on whether I should be charging more often or not so as to preserve the battery life thank you very much for your help. Bye now

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