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  1. Roman Petruchyk

    Music forum

    Hello guys Let's start a topic regarding your music preferences and tastes Which style/group or band you like? Let the society know. For example I do love POP, here are some examples of the most popular bands I'm currently listening
  2. I would personally keep a camaro, which is considered to be the best among all old muscle cars Cheers mate!
  3. Roman Petruchyk

    Toyota Venza Review by Toyota Owners Club

    i think driving experience is pretty good, but i would like to test driverless car like this
  4. Roman Petruchyk

    new supra?

    New model 2016 looks amazing I love the way how Autotrends today are changing
  5. Roman Petruchyk

    Venza Manual

    it is fine. ALso, if you have some doubts, call local dealership and ask for help. You can find it on official toyota website or here
  6. Roman Petruchyk

    2014 Corolla Heater Problems

    coz it is a new car i would recommend to visit local dealer the whole list of dealer you can find on official toyota's web site (obviously) or here
  7. Roman Petruchyk

    2005 Highlander Maintenance

    wow, that is so unfair towards customers. All these "hidden fairs and taxes" make me mad I had similar situation with new dealer in Ohio Lord i've managed to solve this issue
  8. Roman Petruchyk

    cigarette power port replacement 2014 Sienna

    First of all, checked whether you have warranty or not. Then, use a toyota's offiaicial website, and use dealer locator in your region. For example, i found my local dealership using toyota's website. They change oil for free of charge, cause it was for free for the first time, next time it is around 20-30 bucks.
  9. Roman Petruchyk

    Toyota 2016 models

    Toyota RAV4 2016 For quite some time, the RAV4 was one of the best SUVs in the market, with great space for passengers, and cargo, plus it showed great results off-road. At the same time, the latest edition was – let’s be honest – kinda bad. And, for Toyota, that’s like a death certificate. So, the company has issued an official statement, assuring the countless fans out there, that everybody will be happy with the 2016 model. We’re excited. The Japanese don’t just use words lightly, you know? You heard about the code of honor, right? Toyota Corolla 2016 Corolla Sedan holds the flag for being one of the best-selling Toyota brands ever. It first launched back in 1966. Even then, the car had a great success. In 1997 this baby was the best-selling car in the whole wide world! And so, nothing less is expected from the 2016 model. Toyota Tacoma 2016 Tacoma was the only brand that skipped an update in 2014. However, at the announcement of Toyota 2016 models, it was clear, that the famous truck is about to make a comeback in 2016. The company kept all the information a secret, though, but, some details still leaked.[/IMG] Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 Ok, so, our final review in the Toyota 2016 models list is the famous Land Cruiser. As always with the Japanese brand, there’s not a lot of information about the new edition. Well, we can say, that, most likely, it’s gonna be a hybrid version of the existing model. Inside the cabin, you can expect a “royal treatment”, which includes all of the great details of the 2015 model, including high-standard materials for the seats, and unique colors.
  10. Roman Petruchyk

    Camry awfull interior

    I don't know what is going on with me, but i do like how this car looks like, but interior is awfull for the last couple of years. I can't stand it. am i the only person? article about interior
  11. Roman Petruchyk

    Toyota sporty

    Guys, i accidently find an articke about new toyota sporty. Have you seen it before?
  12. Roman Petruchyk

    2005 tundra

    use a hair drier to remove all signs. btw have you seen a new tundra?
  13. Roman Petruchyk

    Toyota Venza Review by Toyota Owners Club

    nice article, but have you seen a new 2016 model? Are you planing to make a review on a new model?