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  1. If you want to save money, get 19.99 pads from Autozone, 20.00 rotors from Autozone and 15.00 for each wheel bearings but, the wheel bearings have to be pressed on by a shop since the bearing goes into the knuckle. That's what I did to my 03 echo and it has 193k but put 20k on the new bearings, cheap brakes and rotors and still have no problems. I drive 70 miles a day 5 days a week. My car is a tank!
  2. Struts usually don't rattle. They squeak and make popping sounds when the bearings go. Did you check under the car to see if a heat shield is loose? Does it rattle while idling or driving?
  3. Hope this helps http://www.1aauto.com/variable-valve-timing-solenoid/i/1azmx00166?f=649326&y=2008&utm_campaign=gb_csv_br&utm_content=ZMX&gclid=CPqowaL8nMkCFQ-oaQoddckBWg
  4. How much did you pay for a used canister? I have the same issue. I get P0446 went valve. A new canister cost 250.00 but, I can't find a used one. I took off the hoses from the canister and blew them out. the one hose from the filler neck to the canister had a lot of dirt, which created the infamous gas pump shut off. But, after re-asswembling, reset the code, 80 miles later I get the check engine light again. I'm trying to find replacement valves for the canister but, can't. Looks like I have to replace canister but, I'm trying to find a used one. Can you tell me where you picked up your used one? Thanks in advance.