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  1. I think its true that locking the animals in the car is probably not the best idea but does make it easier if your traveling by yourself and need to go in to get a motel room etc.... I would never leave them in the car for any long length of time because if the car stalled they could die from the heat. It just seems that there are a few occasions when it makes things easier, but it probably isn't the best idea in the world. As far as locking the car when its running I was told that if you lock all the doors from inside the car then get out and use the key from the fob to lock the driver do
  2. Hi I just purchased a 2013 Venza xle awd with 18,000 miles on it. The external temp gauge was always said it was 93 degrees out. I took it in for repair and it still seems funky. It starts out at 82 degrees and takes over a 1/2 hour to finally come up to close to the real external temp. My old Toyota camry reads the correct temp within a couple of minutes not a 1/2 hour?
  3. Hi All, I just purchased a 2013 Venza it has has push button start. Is there anyway to lock the car with it running? Occasionally I like to lock the car running with the air on to make a quick stop after walking my dogs at the park only a few minutes but where I live it is always too hot to leave the dog in the car with only the windows open even for five minutes. I tried having the car running and then pushed lock doors on the key fob but didn't work.
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